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Urban Semillas is a social conscientious, reconnaissance and outreach, community-based, watershed driven organization. 

Our overarching goal is; to educate underserved and monolingual (Spanish-speaking) communities about watershed and social justice issues; and provide these with community-building skills, thus empowering them to participate in local and citywide planning as well as playing an active role in city, state and nationwide policies.

Our approach takes a non-traditional social paradigm when advocating on environmental issues.  Through community reconnaissance and partnerships, we gain a true grasp and understanding of the socio-cultural topography of communities and we incorporate local existing community issues into our approach.

Most importantly, we can make environmental issues relevant to our communities and we are able to incorporate these into people’s daily cultural landscape – “haciendo la conexión”, making the connection.

We specialize in community reconnaissance and outreach; watershed-based and community-specific engagement; constituency building & stakeholder education, youth empowerment as well as event planning.

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Cultivating Communities, Building Capacity.


Cada Gota Cuesta

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Miguel Luna profiled on High Country News - Special Issue: Natural Resource Education

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