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appointments, boards & committees

  1. CicLAvia - Board member

  2. South Coast Air Quality Management District - Air Quality Institute Board of Counselors

  3. City of LA Food Policy Council - Member

  4. Proposition O - Clean Water Bond Measure Community Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) – Appointed by Eric Garcetti, City of LA Council President

  5. Planning and Conservation League – Board Member

  6. Statewide Watershed Program – Appointed by Mike Chrisman, CA State Secretary of Resources

  7. City of Los Angeles Food and Policy Task Force - Committee member

  8. Green LA Coalition - Urban Ecosystems and Water Subcommittee Working group Member

  9. Recycled Water Advisory Group - Stakeholder


  1. World Water Day (2010) - For leadership and work on providing clean and safe drinking water around the world.

      Presented by: Metropolitan Water District and Friends of the United Nations

  1. Community Leadership (2009) - “for his ability to recognize the power behind sports in keeping our communities active and healthy.” 

      Presented by: Anahuak Youth Sports Association

  1. Inaugural Dorothy Green Water Advocate Award (2009) “for his efforts to protect Los Angeles area watersheds and coastal areas and to educate and inspire young leaders in the environmental and environmental justice movements” -

      Presented by: Planning and Conservation League

  1. Certificate of Recognition (2007) - “for his vision in founding Agua University in an effort to educate today’s youth on how vital our water resources are and how important it is to conserve it for future generations to come.”

      Presented by: The City of Los Angeles

  1. Watershed Partnership Seminar Certificate (2006) - for his commitment to help people learn and improve the skills necessary to promote the growth and development of local partnerships that can persist over time.

      Presented by: CalFed Bay Delta


Miguel Luna - Executive Director

Miguel specializes in cultivating relationships with and between community-based organizations, businesses, elected officials and their representatives, environmental organizations, academia, governmental agencies and individual stakeholders.  He guest lectures at Universities throughout the state presenting on topics like: “Understanding Diversity within Diversity”, “Cultivating Community Relationships vs. Marketing”, “Sight, Site, Cite: Having a vision, Choosing a project location, Developing a plan” and “Community Reconnaissance: Outreach”.

Miguel is passionate about educating our youth and providing them with the tools necessary for them to engage and participate in water dialogues, social justice and environmental equity issues.  He is a native of Colombia, an avid reader and longtime advocate of community playing an active role in city, state and nationwide policies.

Cultivating Communities, Building Capacity.

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